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URGENT! Letters to Michigan State Legislators Voicing Our Opposition to Deregulation

29 Apr 2013 12:37 PM | MAAOM Staff (Administrator)

On April 16, 2012, Michigan’s Office of Regulatory Reinvention (ORR) publicly released a report to Gov. Snyder containing recommendations to Governor Rick Snyder to deregulate 18 regulated industries. The Governor cannot eliminate the Board of Acupuncture outside of the legislative process and would need a ¾ vote. 2 of the 18 organizations have already been eliminated; the 3rd profession is being considered now. There was NO opportunity for public comment. We need to act NOW. It is very URGENT that we send as many, many, many letters to our representatives NOW.

Your immediate participation is needed. We need to respond in a forceful and intentional manner to succeed on this issue. We need ALL practitioners, AND ALL patients to participate.
This is about numbers.

Having practitioners send letters is essential, AND we need all practitioners to download both the practitioner letters and the patient letters and print out copies to have in your office for them to sign. Each letter is addressed to members on the House Regulatory Reform Committee and the Chair of the House Health Policy Committee.

We think the best assurance that the letter gets to Lansing . . . is to have patients address the letter, sign, comment, seal, stamp and have the practitioner deliver the letter to the post office.

Have patients hand write (1 – 2) sentence(s) at the bottom stating their opinion about acupuncture deregulation. Ask them to address the envelope and add their return address (the Representative’s address will be on the letter head).


This is our best assurance that the letter gets to Lansing…

Please forward this on to FAMILY, FRIENDS, anyone you think would help us write letters to our representatives.

Here is a list of the Representatives that are associated with the deregulation:

All Representatives have the same address:

{Name of Representative}
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909-7514

Chair of the House Health Policy Committee:

Rep. Gail Haines, (R-Lake Angelus)

House Regulatory Reform Committee Members:

Rep. Hugh Crawford (C), (R-Novi)

Rep. Ed McBroom (Maj. VC), (R-Vulcan)

Rep. Cindy Denby, (R-Handy)

Rep. Tom McMillin, (R-Rochester Hills)

Rep. Andrea LaFontaine, (R-Columbus)

Rep. Bruce Rendon, (R-Lake City)

Rep. Ken Yonker, (R-Gaines Twp)

Rep. Tim Kelly, (R-Saginaw Twp)

Rep. Klint Kesto, (R-Commerce Twp)

Rep. Harold Haugh, (VC), (D-Roseville)

Rep. Theresa Abed, (D-Grand Ledge)

Rep. Woodrow Stanley, (D-Flint)

Rep. Scott Dianda, (D-Calumet)

Rep. David Nathan, (D-Detroit)

Rep. Andy Schor, (D-Lansing)


For the Practitioner letter, go to this link;

Sample Patient Letter PDF Here;

*I can only upload PDF files here, if you would like this document in a word format, please email me at terrimatson@me.com and I will email it to you, asap. Or click the link below to download them directly.

For sample Patient and Practitioner Letters in Word Doc format, please follow the link below:

Thank You!

We can do this but we can’t do it alone, it is going to take all of us.



the MAAOM Board – maaomstaff@gmail.com

Henry Buchtel – President, henry.buchtel@gmail.com

Gigi Cristache – Vice President, gigibc2003@yahoo.com

Anne Biris – Public Relations, lotuskarma@gmail.com

Terri Matson – Secretary, terrimatson@me.com

Julie Shindler-Cohen – Treasurer & Membership, jpshindler@gmail.com
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