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Access to Greater Health Care Options

01 Mar 2006 11:47 AM | MAAOM Staff (Administrator)
Gov. Jennifer Granholm signs Public Act 30 of 2006. With (from left to right) Stephanie Wuttke of lobbying firm Capitol Services, Inc.; Sen. Beverly Hammerstom; Amy Zaagaman, Chief of Staff to Sen. Hammerstom; Megan Long, Dipl.Ac.; Deborah Lincoln, Dipl.Ac.; and Ellen Hoekstra of Capitol Services, Inc.

Governor Jennifer Granholm signed Michigan’s first-ever acupuncture law on February 23, 2006, recognizing practitioners of acupuncture as Registered Acupuncturists. This achievement is the result of a 20-year legislative process that now ensures public access to a proven modality of medicine while protecting public health and safety. The bill was sponsored by Senator Beverly Hammerstom (R) and Representative Kevin Green (R) and passed unanimously in the State Senate, with 92% approval in the House of Representatives. Deborah Lincoln, President of the Michigan Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, was instrumental in the passage of this bill. This new law, Public Act 30 of 2006, is a shared success for acupuncture providers and the people of Michigan, as it represents the State’s desire for new healthcare options.

“I’m very thrilled. We’ve come a long way,” said Lincoln.

As noted in a Feb. 25 article in the Kalamazoo Gazette, “Michigan now joins more than 40 other states that have set up boards to regulate the practice of this ancient form of medicine. ‘We’ve been working in a gray area for many years. It is a relief to see this happen,’ said Dr. David Krofcheck, a Kalamazoo Oriental medicine specialist. ‘To a certain extent, we’ve had to be under wraps.’ … He said a regulatory board will likely help to open up the practice of acupuncture in Michigan.

The article continues: “Until now, some acupuncturists have been unwilling to locate here because of the lack of legal standards. States such as California and Florida have licensed thousands of acupuncturists, but there are only about 200 of the specialists in Michigan… In addition, this move by the governor, who signed the bill on Thursday, may lead to more insurance companies being willing to cover the treatments in Michigan.”

Acupuncturists to be Registered by the State of Michigan
March 1, 2006 undefined Public Act 30 of 2006 was officially recognized by the Secretary of State’s office on February 28, 2006. This act amends the Public Health Code to provide for the registration of acupuncturists, and takes effect on July 1, 2006.

The regulation of any health profession is intended to assure the general public that persons identified as a specific type of health professional are qualified to practice. Even when a profession has been working in the health care industry for a number of years without regulation, establishing requirements for registration sets the stage for the future of that profession.

Adapted from a notice at michigan.gov.
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