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CSA Vision Statement for Members

02 Apr 2014 8:06 PM | MAAOM Staff (Administrator)

MAAOM President Henry Buchtel represented Michigan at the Council of State Associations (CSA) annual meeting, held March 21 and 22 in Columbia, MD.

The CSA is composed of representatives from 37 state associations, representing more than 4,000 professional members across the USA, and the focus of this year’s meeting was to develop a plan for a more unified model of national governance that would allow practitioners to join one organization, via their state association(s), and simultaneously gain membership in the national organization. This model would make national-level decision-making more relevant to the individual practitioner, eliminate competition for membership dollars, and help the profession to nurture and promote future leaders.

Over two days of focused and collegial meetings, and with the assistance of a non-profit association lawyer to make sure the plan was both legal and achievable, the CSA produced a unanimous vision (link to PDF) for this new modal of governance. We are proud of the work that we have done so far, and look forward to meeting the challenges inherent in bringing this vision to fruition!

Thank you for your support,

Henry Buchtel (President)

Gigi Cristache (Vice-President)

Terri Matson (Secretary)

Julie Schindler-Cohen (Treasurer)

Anne Biris (Public Relations Chair)

(CSA Annual Meeting 2014 Group Photo -- left to right, front to back)

Candace Sarges (NJ), David Miller (IL), Linda Robinson-Hidas (MA), Lynne Almloff (VA), Daerr Reid (NC), Carol Braverman (CO), Eric Raymond Buckley (OR), Lindsay Meade (NM), Tracy Soltesz (MD), Rebecca Schirber (MA), Mori West (CA),  LiMing Tseng (VT), Kimberley Benjamin (CO), Jordan Barber (NY), Karen Borla (CT), Joanie Stewart (VA), Beth Howlett (OR), Heather Shultz (PA), Regina Walsh (CT), Henry Buchtel (MI), Sarah Fredrickson (IN), Bill Mosca (CA), David Bock (WI), Steve Malins (NM), Ellen Teeter (FL), Jen Stone (IN), Lindy Camardella (IL)    

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