• 21 Apr 2014 4:26 PM | MAAOM Staff (Administrator)
    Hey Folks!

    We have great news -- Early bird deadline for Misha Cohen's lecture on Cancer Support and Chinese Medicine has been extended to May 5th. If you are an MAAOM member (good time to renew too while you're at it!) you get a further discount.

    This event is looking to be a fantastic one and one that you don't want to miss! A great time to learn in depth something that I am sure you will see in your clinic. Also, it will be wonderful to reconnect with all of our colleagues.
    Registration is easy and can be done online right here.

    We now have a fully functioning new website with many new amazing features. Definitely one of the perks of being a member and being featured on there as a practitioner. Many thanks to Henry Buchtel and Terri Matson for their tireless efforts to get the website up and running.

    Please help us spread the word! Let's make this a successful event!
  • 14 Apr 2014 9:25 PM | MAAOM Staff (Administrator)
    There was a great turnout at our Spring Membership Meeting on 3/22! We are excited to see so much enthusiasm for bringing Dr. Misha Cohen to Michigan for our 1st Annual MAAOM Seminar on June 7 & 8.

    We also covered several hot topics for the Acupuncture community in Michigan, including an update from Lansing, and Henry shared his first-hand view of the positive changes happening on a national level. Attendees also got a sneak peek at our new member-website, which is now live.

    Thanks to everybody who drove in to join us!

    Attendees: Courtney Wilkinson, David Krofcheck, Rose Noonan, Rosanne Emanuele, Lorinda Lumbert, Vikki Nestico, Ryan Gauthier, Terri Matson, Gigi Cristache, Henry Buchtel

    Photos from our mid-meeting tea and girl-scout cookies break. :-)

  • 02 Apr 2014 8:06 PM | MAAOM Staff (Administrator)

    MAAOM President Henry Buchtel represented Michigan at the Council of State Associations (CSA) annual meeting, held March 21 and 22 in Columbia, MD.

    The CSA is composed of representatives from 37 state associations, representing more than 4,000 professional members across the USA, and the focus of this year’s meeting was to develop a plan for a more unified model of national governance that would allow practitioners to join one organization, via their state association(s), and simultaneously gain membership in the national organization. This model would make national-level decision-making more relevant to the individual practitioner, eliminate competition for membership dollars, and help the profession to nurture and promote future leaders.

    Over two days of focused and collegial meetings, and with the assistance of a non-profit association lawyer to make sure the plan was both legal and achievable, the CSA produced a unanimous vision (link to PDF) for this new modal of governance. We are proud of the work that we have done so far, and look forward to meeting the challenges inherent in bringing this vision to fruition!

    Thank you for your support,

    Henry Buchtel (President)

    Gigi Cristache (Vice-President)

    Terri Matson (Secretary)

    Julie Schindler-Cohen (Treasurer)

    Anne Biris (Public Relations Chair)

    (CSA Annual Meeting 2014 Group Photo -- left to right, front to back)

    Candace Sarges (NJ), David Miller (IL), Linda Robinson-Hidas (MA), Lynne Almloff (VA), Daerr Reid (NC), Carol Braverman (CO), Eric Raymond Buckley (OR), Lindsay Meade (NM), Tracy Soltesz (MD), Rebecca Schirber (MA), Mori West (CA),  LiMing Tseng (VT), Kimberley Benjamin (CO), Jordan Barber (NY), Karen Borla (CT), Joanie Stewart (VA), Beth Howlett (OR), Heather Shultz (PA), Regina Walsh (CT), Henry Buchtel (MI), Sarah Fredrickson (IN), Bill Mosca (CA), David Bock (WI), Steve Malins (NM), Ellen Teeter (FL), Jen Stone (IN), Lindy Camardella (IL)    

  • 13 Mar 2014 4:03 PM | MAAOM Staff (Administrator)
    Please drop by and join us for the first of our three annual membership meetings!

    Saturday, March 22

    Center for Sacred Living
    210 Little Lake Drive, Suite 7
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103

    We will be having an informal discussion about current state and national events, exciting developments in Lansing, and brainstorming ideas for getting the news out about our first Annual MAAOM Seminar 2014, featuring Dr. Misha Cohen.

    Our President, Henry Buchtel, will be fresh from his trip to Baltimore, MD, to attend the annual Council of State Associations (CSA) meeting with the leaders of 21 other state AOM associations. Henry will be reporting on the latest news on our national organization, the AAAOM, as well as sharing what he learned from other state leaders who are dealing with the same issues we have here in MI.

    Later in 2014 our 2nd Membership Meeting will be held to coincide with Dr. Misha Cohen's Seminar, on the evening of Saturday, June 7th. We are looking forward to seeing a large crowd there, and voting in new Board members! Look for another announcement closer to that date.
  • 27 Sep 2013 11:36 AM | Henry Buchtel (Administrator)
    To All Members of the MAAOM

    We look forward to your attendance at the Fall 2013 MAAOM Membership Meeting, to be held Sunday, Sept. 29 from 2-4pm.

    Please take this opportunity to network with other AOM practitioners, discuss current issues in MI, and meet with our Lobbyist!

    The meeting will be held at the Lotus Center of Ann Arbor, 2711 Carpenter Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48108.

    The agenda includes:

    · Update on the de-regulation issue

    · Discussion of our current legislative goals

    · Fundraising activities

    · Update on Acupuncture Registration in MI

    · Announcement of CEU PDA opportunities

    · Discussion of insurance coverage for acupuncture in MI

    We have many exciting announcements and developments to discuss, so we are looking forward to seeing you there!

    - Henry Buchtel (President)

  • 05 Jun 2013 1:16 PM | MAAOM Staff (Administrator)

    It is my honor to be elected as the president of the Michigan Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAAOM) for the 2013-15 term, and as a professional, registered acupuncturist in the state of Michigan, I’m excited to be leading our organization in its continued push for effective legislative representation!

    From its humble beginnings in the US, acupuncture and oriental medicine has grown to become a full-fledged health care profession with accredited Masters and Doctoral degree programs, national certification standards, and active representation at both the national and state levels.

    We in the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) field have a unique and valuable perspective on health and disease that finds its roots in the ancient natural sciences of East Asia. Practitioners of acupuncture and herbal medicine are able to provide patients with effective, economical, environmentally friendly, and reliable treatment options that are available from no other source.

    As responsible members of the health care community, we all share the goal of ensuring that safe and effective acupuncture treatments are available to Michigan residents. It has been shown in the US that the best way of achieving this goal is through legislation that recognizes the education and certification standards of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) or their equivalent; standards that are currently part of Michigan law. As members of the MAAOM and active professionals, I hope you will join us in our efforts to communicate with our government representatives, other medical professionals, and the general public, and lay the groundwork for full licensure of acupuncture in Michigan.

    With your participation, we can look forward to having an even more vibrant community of active professionals, increased opportunities to bring inspirational leaders in our field to Michigan, and effective legislation that protects both patients and practitioners, allowing us to continue to bring our unique perspective on health to our communities!

    Henry A. Buchtel
    M.S. (China), Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM), R. Ac (MI)

    Thank you all for electing me the Vice President of the Michigan Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAAOM). It is with great pleasure, enthusiasm, and deep humility that I look forward to continuing the great work of my predecessors and to adapt it to the new realities our wonderful profession is facing today.

    I am a registered, practicing acupuncturist in Michigan and a nationally board certified acupuncturist. I studied at the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture and, after graduation, I moved from Florida to Michigan. I am also a doctoral candidate in acupuncture and oriental medicine at the Yo San University.

    In Michigan, as we all know, acupuncture is at risk of deregulation. This will set our profession back in time and will reduce the standards of practice, putting at risk the quality and effectiveness of the acupuncture treatments. It will also cast a shadow on the Acupuncture profession, pushing it towards the fringes of our medical environment. Michigan deserves better!

    The new president of MAAOM, Henry Buchtel, the secretary, Terry Matson, the newly appointed chair of Public Relations, Anne Biris, our treasurer, Julie Shindler-Cohen, and myself, are all committed to do everything in our power to prevent deregulation and to move our profession forward towards a legislative environment conducive to the safe and effective practice of Acupuncture, to include independent licensing of all qualified acupuncturists and the recognition of Acupuncture as a stand-alone, competent medical system.

    In addition to making our opinion known to the legislative body, we will focus on promoting Acupuncture and its benefits to everyone in Michigan, to give all the people in Michigan one more viable option and healing modality.

    To be successful, we need teamwork, we need everyone’s participation. I am extending an invitation to all acupuncturists to join our association and become a member. Let’s do this together! Let’s make it happen!

    Gigi B Cristache
    Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM), R. Ac. (MI), Di.Hom.

  • 02 May 2013 12:31 PM | MAAOM Staff (Administrator)
    We would like to welcome and sincerely thank the new board members, Henry Buchtel (President), Gigi Cristache (Vice President), and Anne Biris (Public Relations Chair) and current board members, Terri Matson (Secretary) and Julie Shindler-Cohen (Treasurer): thank you so much for volunteering your time and efforts!

    We are very excited about passing the proverbial reigns to such a wonderful group of professionals. Each of you bring a wealth of experience and diverse strengths to the organization.

    As many people may already know, this is a critical time for our profession in Michigan. We face a very real threat of deregulation. This would mean losing what we have worked so hard to achieve. We urge all members of the MAAOM and members of the public who support high standards of training for acupuncturists to write letters to the representatives as listed below. We have a small window to make our voices heard, please take action today.

    Heather Sloan and Carey Ryan
  • 29 Apr 2013 12:37 PM | MAAOM Staff (Administrator)

    On April 16, 2012, Michigan’s Office of Regulatory Reinvention (ORR) publicly released a report to Gov. Snyder containing recommendations to Governor Rick Snyder to deregulate 18 regulated industries. The Governor cannot eliminate the Board of Acupuncture outside of the legislative process and would need a ¾ vote. 2 of the 18 organizations have already been eliminated; the 3rd profession is being considered now. There was NO opportunity for public comment. We need to act NOW. It is very URGENT that we send as many, many, many letters to our representatives NOW.

    Your immediate participation is needed. We need to respond in a forceful and intentional manner to succeed on this issue. We need ALL practitioners, AND ALL patients to participate.
    This is about numbers.

    Having practitioners send letters is essential, AND we need all practitioners to download both the practitioner letters and the patient letters and print out copies to have in your office for them to sign. Each letter is addressed to members on the House Regulatory Reform Committee and the Chair of the House Health Policy Committee.

    We think the best assurance that the letter gets to Lansing . . . is to have patients address the letter, sign, comment, seal, stamp and have the practitioner deliver the letter to the post office.

    Have patients hand write (1 – 2) sentence(s) at the bottom stating their opinion about acupuncture deregulation. Ask them to address the envelope and add their return address (the Representative’s address will be on the letter head).


    This is our best assurance that the letter gets to Lansing…

    Please forward this on to FAMILY, FRIENDS, anyone you think would help us write letters to our representatives.

    Here is a list of the Representatives that are associated with the deregulation:

    All Representatives have the same address:

    {Name of Representative}
    P.O. Box 30014
    Lansing, MI 48909-7514

    Chair of the House Health Policy Committee:

    Rep. Gail Haines, (R-Lake Angelus)

    House Regulatory Reform Committee Members:

    Rep. Hugh Crawford (C), (R-Novi)

    Rep. Ed McBroom (Maj. VC), (R-Vulcan)

    Rep. Cindy Denby, (R-Handy)

    Rep. Tom McMillin, (R-Rochester Hills)

    Rep. Andrea LaFontaine, (R-Columbus)

    Rep. Bruce Rendon, (R-Lake City)

    Rep. Ken Yonker, (R-Gaines Twp)

    Rep. Tim Kelly, (R-Saginaw Twp)

    Rep. Klint Kesto, (R-Commerce Twp)

    Rep. Harold Haugh, (VC), (D-Roseville)

    Rep. Theresa Abed, (D-Grand Ledge)

    Rep. Woodrow Stanley, (D-Flint)

    Rep. Scott Dianda, (D-Calumet)

    Rep. David Nathan, (D-Detroit)

    Rep. Andy Schor, (D-Lansing)


    For the Practitioner letter, go to this link;

    Sample Patient Letter PDF Here;

    *I can only upload PDF files here, if you would like this document in a word format, please email me at terrimatson@me.com and I will email it to you, asap. Or click the link below to download them directly.

    For sample Patient and Practitioner Letters in Word Doc format, please follow the link below:

    Thank You!

    We can do this but we can’t do it alone, it is going to take all of us.



    the MAAOM Board – maaomstaff@gmail.com

    Henry Buchtel – President, henry.buchtel@gmail.com

    Gigi Cristache – Vice President, gigibc2003@yahoo.com

    Anne Biris – Public Relations, lotuskarma@gmail.com

    Terri Matson – Secretary, terrimatson@me.com

    Julie Shindler-Cohen – Treasurer & Membership, jpshindler@gmail.com
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  • 15 Oct 2012 12:56 PM | MAAOM Staff (Administrator)
    OCT, 2012, Chicago CEU event. Auricular acupuncture. Click link below for flyer:

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