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It is your responsibility to have all required documentation sent to the Board of Acupuncture.
The Acupuncture Application and the first year of Acupuncture Registration costs $275.00.
Expiration date for all Michigan Healthcare Registration(s) and License(s): September 30.
Subsequent renewals are valid for a two-year period and cost $400. Renewals can be processed on-line.
Any questions regarding your application can be directed to LARA at (517) 335-0918.
Allow 6-8 weeks to process your application.


1. Download the Acupuncturist Application Packet


2. Complete the application and send the fee of $275.00 (LARA will ONLY take a check or money order made out to STATE OF MICHIGAN).

If you are licensed in anther state, you will be applying for Acupuncturist with Endorsement, which is also $275.00.

The Application for Acupuncture Registration ($275.00) is valid for 1 year. On the website it says two years, but I called LARA to verify this point (registration changes to 2 years after the first year). The $275 covers the application and review process and the first year of your registration. After your first renewal, your registration will be valid for 2 years. You will receive a renewal application 45-60 days prior to the expiration date of your registration and it will state the renewal fee required.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your initial Acupuncturist registration is only good until the expiration date of September 30. If you register more than 120 days before September 30, (i.e. May 30) your first year registration will need to be renewed the same year.

3. NCCAOM certification is required for MI Registration. You must arrange for the (NCCAOM) to provide official verification of your current certified diplomat status. The official NCCAOM verification form is attached to the Acupuncturist Application Packet (page 8). This NCCAOM form needs to be filled out by you along with a check or credit card payment of $35 – $150 depending on your NCCAOM status. Please see the last page of the Packet for the NCCAOM form. You will need to fill it out and submit it to the NCCAOM. They will send an official record of your certification directly to LARA.

You may contact NCCAOM via their website: www.nccaom.org

The form can be mailed or FAXED to:

76 South Laura Street, Suite 1290
Jacksonville, FL 32202

FAX: (904) 598-5001

4. An applicant whose acupuncture education program was taught in a language other than English shall satisfactorily complete the TOEFL and TSE examinations, or the TOEFLibt. Passing score for TOEFL is 550 on the written examination or 213 on the computerized exam, passing score for TSE is 50, and passing score for the TOEFLibt is an overall score of 89.

Results of the examination(s) should be sent directly to this office from ETS.

You can contact ETS at (609) 771-7100 or at their website at www.toefl.org (e-mail: toefl@ets.org) to arrange to take these examinations or to have results sent to our office.

5. If you are licensed in another state, you need to arrange for endorsement verification to be sent directly to the Michigan Board from any state or province where you currently hold or have ever held a permanent license or registration. Copies of licenses are not acceptable. Endorsement verification form is attached to the Application Packet.

If an applicant by endorsement is not a certified diplomate of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) in Acupuncture or Oriental Medicine they must submit the following:

  • A copy of the certification requirements including education and examination for licensure or registration in the state where you were first licensed.
  • A copy of the certifying or testing agency that describes the content of the examination and passing scores required.
  • An official affidavit directly from the certifying body or testing agency that describes the certification examination at the time the examination was administered.
  • An official affidavit from the state agency describing the examination and legal standards that were in effect at the time of licensure or registration.

If you have ever been licensed in another state and you have a current disciplinary sanction on that license, (even if the license is inactive), you are not eligible for licensure in Michigan according to the Public Health Code, PA 368, as amended, Section 333.16174 (2). Sanctions include probation, limitation, suspension, revocation or fine. Upon resolution of the sanction and verification that the license is active with no disciplinary action in effect, you can proceed with the filing of an application for a Michigan license.

6. FINGERPRINTING: All applicants for a health profession license in Michigan are required to submit fingerprints and undergo a criminal background check. The Michigan Health Board will NOT accept fingerprints that have been obtained for any other purpose, so even if you have had your fingerprints taken in the past you will have to do it again. Your license will not be issued until this process is complete.

Applicants for a Michigan health professional license must have their fingerprints taken under an Agency ID specific for the board for which they are applying. The Agency ID Number for health professional licensing is 71734k. This ID number MUST be used in order to have the fingerprint report sent to the Health Professions Division.

Fingerprints may be taken by either Identogo (formerly L-1 Enrollment), Cogent Systems or another agency that is listed at www.michigan.gov/lsvendor. You must bring the Livescan Fingerprint Request Form (page 5 of the Packet) with a driver’s license or other state or federal-issued picture identification to your fingerprint appointment. When your fingerprints are taken, a technician will perform a scan of your fingerprints and submit the data electronically to the Michigan State Police.

You will also be required to pay a separate fee to the fingerprint agency when registering and/or scheduling your appointment. The fees vary per company (approximately $65).

Information about fees and scheduling your fingerprint appointment with Identogo can be found at www.identogo.com or by calling 1-866-226-2952.

Information about fees and registering to have your fingerprints taken by Cogent Systems can be found at
www.cogentid.com/index.htm. Cogent Systems can be reached by phone at 1-877-838-4903. E-mail inquiries about using Cogent Systems may be sent to mihelp@cogentsystems.com.

*Out-of-State Residents that need finger printing please see page 4 of the Acupuncturist Application Packet.

I hope you find this useful! I have found the personnel at LARA to be very helpful. Here is their number should you need to contact them: (517) 335-0918.

Terri Matson, MAAOM Secretary (updated 2013)
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